Professional Skateboarding Course

Why choose us

The Hong Kong Skateboarding Coach has multiple professional skateboarding coaches with over 20 years of skateboarding experience. We provide skateboarding classes and professional instruction on skateboarding practice methods. We focus on training students to master sufficient basic skateboarding, handling, and even easy skateboarding tricks

Rare 20 years of skateboarding experience as a coach

More than 20 years of experience in skateboarding supervision and management to ensure classroom quality.

Passed professional certification

Our skateboarding coach has passed professional certification and has a professional foundation.

Modern Outstanding Training and Teaching

Professional coaches will analyze students' movements and make appropriate corrections, strengthen practice, and help you master the correct practice methods, making training more effective.

Professional training ground

Take you to a safe training venue and a suitable skateboard park to focus on your studies.

Safety first, professional training.

The core of our training is safety first, which allows children to learn skateboarding happily and can also provide professional training at the athlete level.

A Class
Category 1: First time skateboarding/beginner
Straight taxiing
pick up
Safety guidelines
B class
Category 2: (Basic sliding mastered)
Upward/downward inclination
kick turn
tic tak
rock to fakie
drop in
C class
Category 3: (proficient in sliding, basic kick turn handling, etc.)
half cap
shouv it
D class
(already mastered oil le fakie, etc.)

kick filp / heel filp
fs oille/bs oille
fakie fs/bs
5050 stall

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We tell you what professional skateboarding teaching courses are, leading the industry standards

Participating in our skateboarding class and practicing skateboarding outside the classroom will definitely contribute to the growth of skateboarding skills.

  • Rare 20 years of skateboarding experience as a coach
  • Passed professional certification
  • Modern Outstanding Training and Teaching
The Supreme Realm of Integrating People and Board

We will assist in training until you reach the level of skateboarding skills you want!

This is the attitude that a professional skateboarding training course should have.


Elementary Skateboarding Teaching: Straight Sliding


Elementary Skateboarding Teaching: Turning


Introduction to Skateboarding: PICK UP


Elementary Skateboarding Teaching: Safety Guidelines


Middle level teaching of skateboarding: up/down slope


Intermediate Skateboarding Teaching: TIC TAK


Intermediate Skateboarding Teaching: ROCK TO FAKIE


Intermediate Skateboarding Teaching: DROP IN


Advanced Skateboarding Teaching: MANUAL


Advanced Skateboarding Teaching: OILLE


Advanced Skateboarding Teaching: FAKIE


Advanced Skateboarding Teaching: HALF CAP


Advanced Skateboarding Teaching: SHOUV IT


Skateboarding professional level teaching: KICK FILP/HEEL FILP


Skateboarding professional level teaching: FS OILLE/BS OILLE


Skateboarding Professional Level Teaching: FAKIE FS/BS


Skateboarding professional level teaching: 5050 STALL


Skateboarding Professional Level Teaching: NOSETALL

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Understanding the Origin of Skateboarding

Skateboarding History

If you are interested in skateboarding classes, we suggest participating in our skateboarding classes and practicing outside of class, as it will definitely improve your skateboarding skills. Professional coaches will analyze students' movements and make corrections in order to master the correct practice methods.

Skateboarding has been a representative sport of street culture since the 1960s, evolving and improving from street culture to present; In 2020, it was designated as an Olympic event and was selected to host the first skateboarding Olympic event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, attracting worldwide attention. Practicing skateboarding, in addition to being fun and stylish, can also enhance concentration, learning persistence, whole body muscle development, tuning, reaction, thinking, and strengthening communication, learning, and respect between people. Our goal is to cultivate more and better Hong Kong skateboarding students to represent Hong Kong in the future Olympics.

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